Dominate the digital mortgage experience with a mobile app that creates a faster, easier, and more transparent loan process.

Easy Mortgage Apps - Features Overview

View this video for a quick overview of Easy Mortgage Apps' key features.

​​Empower loan officers with real-time LOS integration to maintain and build relationships, access pipelines, as well as prospects, and real-time analytics. 

CMC’s newest Preferred Provider, Easy Mortgage Apps, allows lenders the ability to offer a digital business card, reduce underwriting turn times and Co-Brand for new business development. 

All parties remain engaged and updated throughout the entire loan life cycle with automated push notification updates and 24/7 access. Loan officers and their real estate partners are able to easily develop new business, manage their pipelines and send pre-approvals directly from their phone. Easy Mortgage Apps solves the number one issue facing the lending industry: lack of communication.


  • Competitive Pricing
    Pricing for your own mobile app is the most competitive in the mortgage industry and is configured to drive adoption, engagement, and provide an EASY return on investment.
  • Customization
    Clients are encouraged to create their own personal experience that matches and enhances their current process through choosing custom fields, milestones, etc. during onboarding.
  • Support
    Every ticket gets a response within 24 hours – even on weekends. Easy Mortgage Apps handles all of the mobile app support so companies don’t have to exhaust any of their valuable resources.
  • Patron Discounts
    Discounts of up to 33% are available to CMC Patrons, based on the number of LOs in your business.


    “Easy Mortgage Apps has provided AnnieMac Home Mortgage with excellent service and a dependable mobile mortgage tool for roughly 5 years now. They are consistently improving their product to adapt to the industry and are often leading the way in novel features that make competitors play catch-up.

    We expect and hope to continue to work with EMA/LoanFuel as they develop the best mobile app for the mortgage industry.”

    - Graham Brinkert, Creative Marketing Manager, AnnieMac Home Mortgage
    “Partnering with Easy Mortgage Apps years ago has enabled us to provide a great tool that enhances once the most important things in the mortgage process…Communication. Our loan officers, clients and agents want speed and ease of use when it comes to how they want to be communicated with and the EMA App has given us the ability to keep up with ever changing demands of faster, easier and clearer communication with everyone.”

    - Jason Strain, COO, Silverton Mortgage

About Our Partnership

CMC provides exclusive offers and value-added services to mortgage lenders nationwide. We work with our partners to bring tangible benefits to CMC’s cooperative membership. Our partnership with Easy Mortgage Apps supports CMC’s ongoing commitment to partner with highly respected companies and add value for our members.

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