Home Captain is a financial technology company that provides banks, mortgage bankers, credit unions, and mortgage servicing companies with an online platform to reach and retain the customer during the process of purchasing, selling, or refinancing a home.

95% of home buyers consult an online platform to conduct their search. Home Captain Hub is your white-label real estate platform, where your customers can find answers to all of their home buying and selling questions in one place during their online search.

The Home Captain Hub combines technology and human services to enable clients to increase revenue events, recapture customer relationships and provide industry-leading NPS scores. This Conversion Optimization System (COS) now includes products for portfolio retention, artificial intelligence lead engagement, loss mitigation, and customer propensity modeling while enhancing Home Captain's home buyer and seller concierge services.

Home Captain Plans

Home Captan Hub is a user-friendly national real estate portal where your customers can look at homes for sale, value their property, calculate the monthly cost of a new home, and gain market insights.

Your customers will find all of their home buying and selling information in one place, which will help maintain their relationship with you. You will be armed with the data to engage with clients at the appropriate time, balance your capacity, leverage timing, as well as evaluate activity and conversions.

CMC Patron Pricing

CMC Patrons are eligible for pricing discounts of 10% off of the Home Captain Plans above.

About Our Partnership

CMC provides exclusive offers and value-added services to mortgage lenders nationwide. We work with our partners to bring tangible benefits to CMC’s cooperative membership. Our partnership with Home Captain supports CMC’s ongoing commitment to partner with highly respected companies and add value for our members.

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