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Exclusive Networking Events

Each year, CMC hosts networking events for its member Patrons, Preferred Vendors, Preferred Investors, and other invited guests to come together to share ideas and best practices—all aimed at strengthening their businesses​. Be on the lookout for your invitation to CMC's hosted events throughout the year!


​​On-demand webinars & podcasts

CMC curates the best content from our network of Preferred Partners, as well as hosting Patron-exclusive webinar sessions. CMC's webinars are focused on connecting a nationwide cross-section of CMC​'s Patron members to valuable information from our Preferred Partners. This platform offers a flow of open communication designed to foster continued development of solutions, shared tips, and best practices. ​

    MAXEX's monthly Market Report
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  • Richey May
    Get Ahead with Intelligent Process Automation- Presented by Richey May and Zoral
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  • BeSmartee
    Digital Originations: 3 Stories of Profitability and Efficiency

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  • Lima One Capital
    Real Estate of Things Podcast: How the Homebuilding Market Got Here & Where It’s Headed

November 2021 events

MBA Presents: Understanding the Surge in Single-Family Rentals

Online Webinar | Nov. 4

​In a hot housing market defined by limited inventory and increased demand, single-family rentals are an investment class attracting significant new attention and investor interest. Join MBA Education and industry practitioners explore opportunities and challenges in the sector and what they are watching as this asset class matures and experiences a second boom.

MBA Presents: Rethink Product Lines (and Profits) with Reverse Mortgages

Online Webinar | Nov. 16

​Reverse mortgages are still one of the best kept secrets among certain lenders. That’s because most lenders don’t realize that this rapidly growing market can provide a profitable revenue stream that yields high satisfaction ratings, not only among customers, but among originators and staff as well. With seniors holding a historic 9+ trillion dollars in home equity, now is the perfect time to reinvigorate your lending strategy and better serve senior clients.

Join this webinar and learn how to rethink lending options for your clients 62+, process more loans, create new partnerships and gain access to tools & resources that will help you separate yourself from the pack and lead new revenue growth for your business.

Richey May presents: Q4 Mortgage Series Trends

Online webinar | November 17

​Join Richey May for their quarterly webinar series where their mortgage industry experts come together to give you insight into market trends that they're seeing as they serve clients across various mortgage banking practices.

MAXEX presents: November Market Report Webinar

Online webinar  | November 17

​Join MAXEX Chief Commercial Officer Greg Richardson to go over the November MAXEX Market Report to get insight into:
- What originators should look to if the spread of jumbo-to-agency rates continues to narrow
- Rising rates constrict rate-term refinance volume but home prices keep cash-out volume strong
- PLMBS market eclipses $40 billion mark as MAXEX hits milestone for loans included in securitization transactions
- Much more

December 2021 events​​

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