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​​Our latest on-demand webinars

January 2020 events​​

National MI University presents: How to Create Your Perfect Presentation for Lunch and Learns

Online webinar | January 7

In your marketing plan for 2020 did you add “do more presentations or webinars” to the list? There’s no better way to leverage your time, energy, and expertise than through group presentations. Whether you’ve never hosted a lunch and learn or you consistently host them, this webinar will give you a game-plan to take your presentations to the next level. Dr. Bruce Lund has given thousands of presentations and lessons, and has a clear formula to engage your next audience and give you the confidence you deserve.
MBA presents: Ten Things Your Company Must Do in 2020

Online webinar | January 14

​For most companies 2019 started out as a severe challenge with profits evaporating, but then a surge of originations, fueled by low rates, turned the year around. What will 2020 bring? Now is the right time, early in the year, to take steps to improve your business for 2020 while you can make a real difference. Join MBA Education & Garrett, McAuley & Co for this webinar where participants will receive a fresh Top Ten list of strategic initiatives that all mortgage bankers should be implementing in 2020.

MBA presents: CE: Trends in CFPB Servicing Rules

Online webinar | January 15

Join MBA Education and the Compliance Essentials program to hear about the latest developments pertaining to the CFPB’s Servicing Rules. Building upon its 2013 Servicing Rules, the CFPB released additional Servicing requirements in 2016. This webinar will address the content of the 2016 Servicing Rules that are now in force, as well as other rules relating to mortgage loan servicing. This webinar will address topics including but not limited to: Accelerated Loans, Successors in Interest, Bankruptcy, Loss Mitigation Requirements, and Notice Timing Requirements, among others. Hear from leading legal experts as to why these rules continue to be a cause for concern for servicers and compliance professionals throughout the industry.

Panelists will speak to the latest in enforcement actions that have taken place and what steps you can take to avoid compliance issues. This interactive webinar will be a great opportunity to get your questions answered and hear from your peers.

National MI presents: Appraisal Review, Recent Changes, and what's ahead!

Online webinar | January 16

In today’s market, many factors can have an impact on the appraisal including an uptick in purchases, rising prices, fewer refinances, and higher ratios.

In this 1 hour session led by Luke Tomaszewski of the eValuation Zone and Diehl Mortgage Training and Compliance, participants will learn how to read and review an appraisal to spot issues that can affect mortgage financing. If you are an originator that wants to proactively spot and potentially resolve an issue regarding an appraisal, an operations professional looking to determine if an appraisal seems appropriate, or anyone interested in appraisal modernization, recent changes to the Appraiser Quality Monitoring process, or the future of appraisals, this session is for you. Luke Tomaszewski is CEO of the eValuation Zone and an adjunct instructor at Diehl Mortgage Training and Compliance.

National MI University is delighted to host How to Avoid the Email Delete Barrier and Get More Replies

Online webinar | January 21

Email is a critical productivity tool. However you can’t get work done if people don’t respond to your emails. With people’s inboxes overflowing with more than 100 emails per day, you need proven strategies you can use that cause your emails to stand out from all the others. Join Kendra Lee, prospect attraction expert and email authority, and discover strategies you can use to increase your email response rates and make email work for you. In this NMI University session, Kendra Lee, author of the award-winning books The Sales Magnet and Selling Against the Goal will teach you:
• 6 Reasons emails hit the delete barrier
• Why what you are writing isn’t necessarily what gets read
• 5 ways to increase read rates
• How subject lines may be sabotaging your read rate
• What to do when email still isn’t working

MBA presents: mPower: Being Resilient: A Key to Leadership Success

Online webinar | January 30

As a leader, going through difficult times are inevitable. Leading through a period of high turnover, organizational restructures or surveys that reveal poor performance all present distinct challenges to leaders. Resiliency is one of the most important qualities you can have as a leader.

Join mPower for this in-depth look into key strategies used by resilient people when faced with conflict, disappointment and hard times. Explore the link between performance and resilience and discuss ways to build one's resilience to deal with life's biggest challenges as well as everyday stressors.

In this webinar, we will address how stress impacts our cognitive thinking, our physical wellbeing and provide tools to assess how well participants are renewing their energy sources and exercising their resiliency muscles.

February 2020 events​​

MBA's Independent Mortgage Bankers Conference

New Orleans, LA  | February 3-6

​As an IMB, you are constantly looking for market opportunity - to expand your network, grow your business. Join us to get the latest insights and updates on industry trends impacting the IMBs. It couldn't be any easier than at this gathering of IMB leaders in the Big Easy.

TMBA's Southern Secondary Market Conference

Houston, TX | February 18-19, 2020

​Every year TMBA's Southern Secondary Market Conference brings together hundreds of real estate finance leaders and decision makers, including CEOs and senior-level executives, mortgage investors, investment bankers, regulators, wholesale, correspondent and retail production executives, mortgage brokers, warehouse lenders and more.

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