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Each year, CMC hosts networking events for its member Patrons, Preferred Vendors, Preferred Investors, and other invited guests to come together to share ideas and best practices—all aimed at strengthening their businesses​. Be on the lookout for your invitation to CMC regional roundtables and other hosted events throughout the year!


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CMC hosts Patron-exclusive webinar sessions, focused on connecting a nationwide cross-section of CMC​'s Patron members to valuable information. This platform offers a flow of open communication designed to foster continued development of solutions, shared tips, and best practices. ​


​​Our latest on-demand webinars

March 2020 events​​

MBA's Mid-Winter Housing Finance Conference

Avon, CO | March 8-11

Every March, our select group of CEOs, presidents, chairmen and executives representing business models of all sizes come together with their peers for critical conversations alongside industry innovators, government leaders and policy experts. Intimate by design, the Mid-Winter Housing Finance Conference provides ample opportunity for peer-to-peer interaction in small, core groups.

Be a part of this exceptional MBA member-only event and ensure that you will hear from and be heard by those at the forefront of mortgage banking.

National MI University presents: Mortgage Insurance 101

online webinar | March 18

This Mortgage Insurance 101 course will provide important information to help you originate your conventional loans with an LTV greater than 80%. The course will look at the history of MI, what MI does and doesn’t cover, the current regulatory environment, GSE coverage requirements, risk-based pricing, and cancellation of Mortgage Insurance. We will highlight some advantages of Conventional loans with MI vs. FHA. Mortgage insurance does not need to be difficult, and we hope to expand your knowledge and provide some tips to help you build confidence when originating high LTV loans!

Nancy Early currently serves as Director, Strategic Solutions with National MI. She has 19 years in the mortgage insurance business, with a career spanning before, during, and after the financial crisis. Her experience includes 10 years in Mortgage Lending in Operations and Underwriting. Nancy moved from Northern California to Reno, Nevada in 2012.

IMN's Residential Mortgage Servicing Rights East

New York, NY | March 19-20

In a climate of increased regulatory scrutiny and low interest rates, it is of even greater importance for the $10 trillion MSR industry to meet, compare notes and discuss the latest.

With more than 400 participants at our 2019  NYC event, with many from Banks, Non-Bank Originators, Mortgage Investors, Hedge Funds & Other Institutional Investors, the IMN forum is the only opportunity on the calendar that brings together owners and administrators of mortgage servicing rights for a dedicated 1 1/2 days discussing nothing but MSR.

National MI University presents: 7 Ways to Manage Email, Avoid Inbox Overload & Control Your Workday

online webinar | March 19

With inboxes averaging over 500 emails, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed trying to manage your email. Join Kendra Lee, author and email authority, and learn 7 ways to manage emails, reduce your inbox, and reign in the time you spend on email. After this webinar, you will leave with new strategies you can implement right away to take back control of your workday. Kendra will cover:
• Two techniques to quickly declutter your inbox
• The ideal inbox size to maintain and times to “do” email
• The Golden Rules of Deletion
• Two subject line strategies that reduce your reply time
• The email speed reading technique

Kendra Lee is the founder of KLA Group, a sales and marketing agency, and author of the award-winning books “The Sales Magnet” and “Selling Against the Goal.”

MBA's Technology Solutions Conference & Expo

Los Angeles, CA | March 29 - April 1

​Get a clear vision for the future at the biggest annual conference focused on technology solutions for businesses in the mortgage and commercial real estate finance industries. Join us at TECH2020 to find the products and solutions you need to take your company into the future.

April 2020 events​​

National MI University preesnts: Marketing to Your Past Data Base

online webinar | April 7

Did you know that for every 100 past clients in your database you could get 1-3 additional loans per month? Most Loan Officer's business is traditionally spent on building referral partners and purchase business - and for good reason. But are you sitting on acres of diamonds with your own past client database? This is especially important for 2020 forecasts with low rates and refinances. Use our past client database scripts to "find new money" and incorporate annual reviews as part of your unique customer experience to drastically increase referrals and repeat business. Bruce Lund, Ph.D. is the founder and director of 90-Day Sales Manager™, a sales training business which he launched in 2017 and has become one of the fastest growing programs in the country. Dr. Lund takes pride in his versatility of coaching top one-percenters, new sales professionals, and everything in between. He does this through a "heart of a teacher" approach using his Ph.D. in Behavioral Science to accelerate business growth in a fun, dynamic way.

National MI University presents: Cold Email Prospecting Mistakes to Avoid

online webinar | April 8

Not getting responses to your cold emails? Uncertain what mistakes are the cause? Help is on the way! Join Kendra Lee, prospect attraction expert and email authority, and learn the top 10 cold email prospecting mistakes that cause your emails to hit the delete barrier – and how to fix them. You’ll leave with strategies you can implement immediately to get more replies. In this NMI University session, Kendra Lee, author of the award-winning books “The Sales Magnet” and “Selling Against the Goal” will teach you:
• The #1 subject line mistake that sabotages cold emails
• 3 content mistakes that put prospects to sleep
• How your close can kill any chance of a reply
• The 2:1 rule to avoid turning prospects off
• The worst time of day to send an email – and the best
• When persistence doesn’t pay off

National MI University presents: Income Analysis for Conventional Loans

online webinar | April 14

Although Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac look at many types of income the same way, there are some types of income that they calculate differently. Knowing how each of the GSEs treat different sources of income will help your lending institution determine where to deliver the loan. This presentation talks about how both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac calculate various sources of income, the required documentation, and the key differences in how each of them treat certain sources of income. This webinar is presented by Marianne Collins from Diehl Mortgage Training and Compliance. Marianne is a 35-year veteran of the mortgage banking industry and former Executive Director and COO for the Ohio and New York Mortgage Bankers Associations.

MBA's National Advocacy Conference 2020

Washington, DC | April 21

​The largest and only advocacy event focused solely on real estate finance, attend MBA's National Advocacy Conference 2020 to help influence major positive change for our industry. We provide the platform, information and resources; you provide your voice.

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