​Maxim​ize incentives. Minimize costs.
​There are powerful advantages to the Cooperative membership and it starts with the dollars and cents. CMC’s Preferred Investors and Service Providers are selected carefully to ensure that each one brings value to our nationwide Patron member group of independent mortgage bankers, credit unions and financial institutions.​​​ ​


Preferred Partner Program benefits​

  • Earn more
    Deliver to our Preferred Investors and maximize your earnings.
  • Network with your peers
    CMC's client networking events and other CMC forums help guide your business strategies.

  • Save more
    Our partners help you save on mortgage & business-related expenses.
  • Give your team an edge
    Attend exclusive, educational webinars that are tailored to you.

​You make the choice​

Are there areas of your business where costs are higher? Are you seeing inefficiencies?
A review of CMC’s Partners may lead you to the right solution. ​
While CMC has numerous partnerships with the industry’s top investors and service providers, we want you to capitalize on the partnerships that fit your specific business needs.​

​​Contact Us​​

​Our Preferred Service Providers include

  • BeSmartee
  • Certified Credit
  • CLS
  • Credit Plus
  • Digideck by Sportsdigita
  • DocProbe
  • Easy Mortgage Apps
  • Home Captain
  • Indecomm
  • Lereta
  • MBA
  • MBS Quoteline
  • Mortech
  • Moxie Consulting
  • Nomis Solutions
  • Richey May
  • Richey May Automate
  • ServiceLink
  • Staples
  • Strategic Compliance Partners
  • Unify
  • Verity Search

Preferred Investors

CMC actively seeks partnerships with the industry’s top investors to maximize your revenue on every loan. We go through a rigorous process when selecting Preferred Partners. If they meet our criteria, they are then reviewed in context with the full Preferred Investor Program to ensure their product mix fulfills the needs of our Patron members. Truly, there is something for every lender.​​​​

Our Preferred Investors include:

Nationwide Aggregators
Portfolio Lenders
Jumbo and Niche Lenders

Connect with your peers

Annual Summit
Each spring, CMC invites our Patrons, Preferred Partners, speakers and invited guests to come together to share ideas and best practices. The Summit offers our nationwide network a unique chance to meet face-to-face. 

Patron-exclusive webinars
CMC offers ongoing Patron-exclusive webinars, discussing various topics and solutions impacting mortgage banking.


Connect with us

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