Brains First. Then Bytes.

You need a partner with an unmatched depth of knowledge that understands the risks when managing the best efforts to mandatory spread.

CMC works with you to develop your secondary marketing policies, and manages your pipeline according to your company’s risk tolerances. When you choose CMC, you gain a partnership with industry leaders that each carry 20+ years of capital markets experience—with teams that answer the phone when you call. You also gain mission-critical data that is reviewed with you regularly—including current and projected market conditions, opportunities for financial improvement, and strategies for upcoming months. CMC also benchmarks your pipeline performance against other lenders. 

Technology-based analyses and high-touch oversight. This balanced level of service is how the best ROI’s are achieved.

Risk Management Benefits


The CMC Process

CMC’s Risk Management business has managed billions in interest rate risk since 2003. Highly experienced people and refined processes allow CMC to skillfully navigate the market, creating an environment of profitability.

Review CMC’s 5-step process below—a time-tested model designed to mitigate your risk while providing you with seamless business continuity and enhanced
operational efficiencies.


CMC brought an operations problem to light that I didn’t know existed. I was able to quickly solve the issue on our side and avoid future loss. CMC saved me from potential losses on 13 loans — that’s more than $20k saved in one day alone.


Are You Ready For Mandatory Execution?

There are several advantages of mandatory execution including increased profitability, greater liquidity and control, and improved operational efficiency and cost savings. Let the guide below help you determine whether your business is ready, or will soon be ready for mandatory execution. 


Safety, Security, Transparency

Capital Markets Cooperative is SSAE 16 Type II Certified. SSAE 16 Type ll is one of the most stringent auditing standards for service companies. SSAE, an internationally recognized standard developed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), is the authoritative guidance for reporting on service organizations—and is the recognized mark of service quality.

The Certification designates that CMC delivers reliable and secure operating environments with the proper controls for conducting high-availability data center operations.


Connect With Your Peers

Annual beCONNECTED Summit
Each spring, CMC invites our Patrons, Preferred Partners, speakers and invited guests to come together for 3 days of sharing ideas and best practices. The Summit offers our nationwide network a unique chance to meet face-to-face. 

Insights Webinars
Insights is an ongoing series of Patron-exclusive forums, focused on networking with our nationwide cross-section of CMC members to discuss various topics and solutions impacting mortgage banking.

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CMC's 2016 Summit

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