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Buy_Sell_blocks4.pngYou may be searching for a new option when selling your servicing rights. Our co-issue servicing acquisition program enables Fannie Mae- or Freddie Mac-approved Sellers to sell Agency direct through the cash window while simultaneously designating Specialized Loan Servicing as the servicer. Our lack of Agency overlays and competitive pricing translate into an optimal sales channel for your closed loans. We strive to make the delivery process smooth by customizing delivery processes for your business.

Contact us today to learn how our innovative co-issue platform may be your answer for achieving optimal execution on the sale of your loans.

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Co-Issue servicing acquisition benefits

Process overview

We work to provide exceptional customer service to both our Sellers and borrowers, providing a seamless

MSR transaction. Our process includes unmatched quality assurance and process oversight that provides a layer of protection

for you, the Seller. The below timeline illustrates a high-level view of our process.


If you do not retain servicing but want to sell directly to the Agencies, CLS's co-issue delivery program serves as the buyer for your MSRs. CLS’s program enables you to sell your Agency-conforming loans direct to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac while simultaneously designating SLS as your MSR purchaser.

CLS's co-issue platform provides you with a new delivery option and competitive pricing for your MSR assets. CLS has the expertise to walk you through set-up and file delivery so that the process is smooth. CLS buys on a continual Flow basis and can customize our technology to fit your needs. We are an experienced partner, offering a flexible option for your best execution strategy.

​CLS purchases Agency-eligible products including conforming conventional, TPO, ARMs, and affordable housing products. Contact your Account Executive for the full Seller Guide.

CLS’s pricing is customized based on your production. Contact your Account Executive for CLS’s rate sheet.

CLS buys MSRs from Sellers with a range of annual production volume. Sellers must be approved to sell directly to Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. Contact your Account Executive for Seller requirements including net worth requirements and the complete Seller Guide.

The first step is to get in touch with an Account Executive who will get you a Seller Application and start the process. Call us at (904) 543-0052.

CLS provides all approved Sellers with detailed training. This is delivered via phone call so that you and your team have every opportunity to get your questions answered. You're also provided with quick start reference guides with step-by-step instructions for committing to the Agency, uploading documents, accepting the trade, transferring MERS and more. We want to help you start selling as soon as you're ready.

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