​About CMC

Capital Markets Cooperative (CMC) has built a full suite of products and services that deliver significant profitability to its nationwide network of 500+ members that participate in CMC’s various programs.​

In 2016, Computershare Limited (ASX:CPU) acquired Capital Markets Cooperative and its wholly-owned subsidiary, CMC Funding. The acquisition is a strategic component of Computershare’s expanding U.S. mortgage footprint. Computershare’s stability, operational capabilities and financial backing supports CMC so the company can continue to grow and expand its selection of unique products and services offered to its growing base of Patrons.


Our core values​


Patron members count on us to guide them through their unique business challenges. CMC’s strong affiliations and experience bring together the right solutions at the right time to improve business for Patrons—helping them reach their goals. 


We develop solutions ahead of the industry, keeping a sharp eye on Patron growth and profitability. By providing a constant stream of solutions, we help Patron members get an edge over the competition. 


We understand the issues and promote purpose-driven collaboration to expand the Patron network of support. Lenders join CMC to be part of an organization that has greater negotiating power than they may have alone. ​

  • 2020

    CMC continues to expand its roster of Preferred Partners to over 25 of the industry's top quality service providers and investors.
  • 2018

    CMC's servicing acquisition channel sees record growth in MSR purchases. CMC grows to over 550 Patrons.
  • 2017

    CMC Patron membership reaches more than 450 and CMC continues to build on its strategic plan to deliver unparalleled experience, products, services and solutions under the umbrella of Computershare Loan Services.
  • 2016

    Computershare Limited (ASX:CPU) announces the acquisition of Capital Markets Cooperative, LLC (CMC) on April 29, 2016. The acquisition significantly expands CMC’s ability to support mortgage lenders through each stage of the mortgage life cycle.
  • 2015

    CMC reaches a milestone of over 200 Patron members, facilitating 900 network connections through a full roster of Preferred Partners.
  • 2014

    CMC is selected as FHLB Indianapolis and Cincinnati MPP Servicing-Released Partner.
  • 2013

    CMC grows to 85 Patrons and expands its services including MSR Valuation and Analytics.
  • 2011

    CMC launches CMC Funding to provide Patrons with a servicing acquisition channel for their Agency-direct business.
  • 2010

    WL Ross & Co, LLC invests capital in CMC to support additional business services.
  • 2008

    CMC continues to build on its strategic plan, growing to 40 Patrons and expanding the roster of Preferred Partners.
  • 2003

    Capital Markets Cooperative is founded and launches its Risk Management and Cooperative Solutions. CMC implements its strategic plan to grow its Patron membership. CMC's first Patron joins.

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