Tell your brand's story with Sportsdigita's revolutionary cloud-based presentation platform, Digideck. Digideck combines rich multimedia functionality with best-in-class software technologies to empower organizations to create engaging, customized presentations.



Use Cases for Lenders

Lenders' use cases for this  dynamic presentation platform range from LO recruitment, to staff training, to sales presentations to borrowers and presentations to real estate agents.


Digideck’s three core value propositions differentiate your brand by ensuring:

  • Consistency - ensure presentations are on-brand and messaging is accurate to protect your brand and provide a positive viewing experience.
  • Productivity - create custom presentations from your content library in a matter of minutes for prospects and customers. Content can be updated on the fly and pushed out to the viewer instantly.
  • Effectiveness - pinpoint when a prospect views your presentation with real-time alerts and use the embedded chat and video meetings tools to instantly engage the viewer.


Key Features


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    Cloud-based delivery

    • Digideck is fully responsive, allowing you to present anytime, anywhere.

    • Your team will have the ability to present online, offline, and on any device.

    • Make changes on the fly that will update instantly across viewers' devices.

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    Creative services

    • Sportsdigita's team will build and customize your Master Deck based on your content and brand standards, ensuring brand consistency and accurate messaging.

    • The platform combines the functionality and multimedia features of a website with the ease of use of presentation software.

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    Video conferencing and live chat

    • No need to send over credentials or compare calendars to set up a virtual meeting - Digideck's platform has video meetings and chat baked in.

    • Real-time alerts notify you when a prospect is viewing your deck, giving you the opportunity to connect instantly and co-browse the deck together.

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    Presentation flows

    • A user-friendly interface makes creating highly-targeted, impactful presentations fast and easy.

    • Map data fields to your CRM to automate customizations.

    • Content can be pre-loaded and hand-selected to tailor each presentation to the prospect.

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    Reporting & analytics

    • Monitor and measure the effectiveness of your content with reporting dashboards and analytics.

    • Gain insights into what parts of your presentation interests buyers the most with slide view reporting, and access seller activity reports for managers.

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    Manage the experience

    • Easily manage your Master Deck, assets, and user permissions.

    • Content updates will push out to all decks in your library automatically.

    • Unlimited storage for video and other high resolution content.

    • Connect Digideck to your CRM with open APIs.

Sportsdigita’s roster of over 400 organizations worldwide 

include the biggest brands in sports and enterprise including:

  About Our Partnership

CMC provides exclusive offers and value-added services to mortgage lenders nationwide. We work with our partners to bring tangible benefits to CMC’s cooperative membership. Our partnership with Digideck supports CMC’s ongoing commitment to partner with highly respected companies and add value for our members.

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