Diversify your revenue stream and reduce risk with Essex Mortgage!

CMC's newest Preferred Investor, Essex Mortgage, offers a unique
GNMA delegated program that pays 90% of the SRP

Essex offers a GNMA direct delivery without the need to utilize your GNMA approval, or have a servicing structure in place. Sell the whole loan to Essex and gain the true value of the asset in today's disrupted market.
The long-term servicing revenue stream over the life of the loan serves as a counter-cyclical balance to a downturn in the market. 

Program Details

Essex underwrites the company,
not the loan file.

This is truly a delegated program.
All that Essex expects is a fully documented loan file, a MIC/LGC, and a data tape sufficient to board servicing for the borrower.

Essex pays 90% of the servicing proceeds on a quarterly basis to help you build an annuity similar to retaining a servicing portfolio.

About Our Partnership

CMC provides exclusive offerings and value-added services to mortgage lenders nationwide. Therefore, we work together with Essex Mortgage to bring tangible benefits to CMC’s cooperative membership. Our alliance with Essex supports CMC’s ongoing commitment to continue partnering with highly respected companies.​

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