​MAXEX is the first multi-seller, multi-buyer residential loan exchange. 

Liquidity is the lifeblood of sellers looking to grow in this robust mortgage market. But lengthy funding cycles, limitless complexity and manual processes make accessing new capital costly and time consuming.

MAXEX has created the first digital mortgage exchange to enable buyers and sellers to sign one contract and trade with multiple buyers and sellers through a single, trusted partner – MAXEX. Accepted loan types include Jumbo, Conforming, Jumbo Express, High Balance and Non-Owner.

MAXEX solves a number of problems for market participants, including bank and non-bank originators (Sellers) as well as Wall St. banks, REITs, insurance companies and other institutional investors (Buyers). MAXEX brings the power of simplicity and liquidity to its premier buyers and its 150+  sellers.

  • Benefits for MAXEX sellers:
    • Eliminate or reduce the need for originators to maintain multiple direct investor relationships

    • Increase the consistency and price transparency of liquidity, making the non-agency market more predictable and reliable

    • Reduce—often by several days—the amount of time it takes an originator to sell a loan

    • Enable originators to write to a single set of guidelines for multiple investors
  • Benefits for MAXEX buyers:
    • Investors can more easily identify and purchase high-quality loans with MAXEX's pool of quality originators

    • Increased pricing transparency, ensuring that investors understand their offers in full market context

    • Acquire loan more efficiently. MAXEX eliminates the need to maintain dozens of individual seller relationships in order to source high quality residential whole loans.

NEW in 2021:
MAXEX Sustainable and Opportunity Programs

MAXEX Sustainable:
Access to Low-Cost Capital for Green Energy Home Improvements with New Sustainable Lending Programs

The U.S. lacks sufficient low-cost options to help borrowers finance green energy home improvements such as solar panels and geothermal units, despite increasing consumer demand. MAXEX’s new sustainable lending programs expand financing flexibility by providing pricing incentives and enabling borrowers to finance green energy improvements into their mortgage balance at the time of purchase or refinance. This allows homeowners to amortize the cost of these green energy home improvements over a 30-year term at a below market interest rate. These programs are now available to MAXEX’s growing nationwide network of more than 170 community banks, regional banks, credit unions and independent mortgage lenders.

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MAXEX Opportunity:
Loan programs with preferred pricing for minority, women and veteran-owned mortgage lenders

MAXEX and J.P. Morgan are teaming up to provide better liquidity for minority, women and veteran-owned mortgage lenders. Our new programs—MAXEX Opportunity and MAXEX Opportunity Express—provide preferred pricing for qualifying originators.

As part of this program, J.P. Morgan, a leader in capital markets, will purchase qualifying loans which ultimately allows for more liquidity and better access to home mortgages in a critical parts of the housing market.

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​Working with MAXEX VS Business as Usual


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CMC provides exclusive offerings and value-added services to mortgage lenders nationwide. Therefore, we work together with MAXEX to bring tangible benefits to CMC’s cooperative membership. Our alliance with MAXEX provides Patrons with a unique mortgage exchange solution, and supports CMC’s ongoing commitment to continue partnering with highly respected companies.​


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